Review: Heir of Fire by Sarah J Maas


Heir of Fire, the “third” book in the Throne of Glass series not including novellas. It is a book about adventure, characters, and places. It is a book about friendship and love and grieving lost loved ones. We encounter many new characters while Celaena is on this new journey in this new place away from Adarlan, away from her friends and it is never slow.

I jumped into this book and couldn’t put it down. The only thing keeping me from reading it straight through was my job and the fact that it is over 500 pages. Each book in this series gets larger and the story just gets more interesting with every chapter.

Reviewing Heir of Fire is much harder than reviewing the other books because so much happened and I don’t know how to put into words what I loved the most. The best part of this series is the characters. Anything can happen in the plot and I’d probably still love it as long as Sarah J Maas continues to write such amazing characters with depth.

Celaena’s character development in this story is fantastic because it is realistic. She may be the great assassin and the king’s champion and the heir, but most importantly she is a young woman who has been traumatized all of her life. She still has her strength, but she breaks down many times in this novel when she thinks of Nehemia and her slain family. Those scenes of emotion are so important to the story because it makes the reader feel like they can truly connect with this character though she has magic and is fighting a battle that is fictional, a battle with magic.

Let’s start off with the new characters. The most important new characters. Rowan Whitethorn, Sorscha, and Aedion Ashryver. Sorry Maeve, you were totally irrelevant to me.

Rowan Whitethorn the typical, stern soldier fae character. He is sworn by blood to serve Maeve, no matter how he tries to resist her demands. My favorite thing about Rowan was that he didn’t put up with Celaena’s whining and I truly think he was the reason that she came out of the darkness and rose to her true potential. She did do it on her own, she confronted who she was and it brought her power to fruition, but Rowan did help her get to that point because it almost seemed as though she was going to give up at a lot of parts in this book.

Aedion Ashryver. I loved him more than I thought I would because I had seen his character in edits and through out Tumblr, but I wasn’t sure if I was going to love or hate him. His dedication to his queen, Aelin, was so beautiful and I was kind of disappointed that they never had a moment together. I’ll have to wait until Queen of Shadows, but I can’t wait for these two to finally come together and for Aedion to see his Queen again.

Sorscha was the most tragic character to me and I honestly don’t think her death was necessary to the series. Maybe Sarah J Maas killed Sorscha off the series to inflict more pain onto Dorian, but I don’t think it was needed or fair for that character. I feel like we could have expanded so much more on Sorscha’s story and her future with Dorian.

Manon is an interesting character to me, but I didn’t feel as connected to her as I did with the others because she didn’t hold much relevancy to the other characters. The only thing connecting her to them was that she would be fighting in the Adarlan war. I’m hoping that Manon and the other characters finally meet in Queen of Shadows.

Chaol and Dorian, not new characters, but still very important to me. They made many appearances in Heir of Fire which I was shocked was possible because of how many other new characters were introduced. Chaol was a bit bland to me in this book which hurts for me to say because he was my favorite in Crown of Midnight. Heir of Fire was more focused on Chaol realizing he shouldn’t serve someone so cruel and that his King isn’t as great as he once thought. Dorian is on the opposite side of the spectrum from Chaol, after Chaol expresses his misunderstanding with magic Dorian pushes him away. Their friendship is another aspect that made me fall in love with this story because in YA, we get a lot of love triangles and girl/girl friendships, but we don’t get a lot of boy/boy friendships as close as Chaol and Dorian’s. I hope that they both survive and can fix what was broken between them.

Overall, I thought this book was a crazy ride and it was a step up from Crown of Midnight which was a step up from Throne of Glass. Each book continues to thrive and keep the reader interested. I only talked about the characters because if I talked about plot points, this review could go on forever. All I have to say is that I give this over five stars, this series deserves all the praise it receives and I am so excited for Queen of Shadows.


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