Where I’ve Been and What It Took to Get Here

I started this blog with the intention of sharing my thoughts on different books and recording the ups and downs of my writing process. I planned on posting a couple of reviews a week because I thought I was able to read more than one book a week, but that wasn’t really possible while I was heavily invested in an intense last year of my undergraduate. To put it simply, the last year of my undergraduate was one of the hardest years of my life academically, emotionally, mentally. I sacrificed my personal life and sometimes went weeks without seeing my friends. I gave up personal pleasures such as reading before bed and writing without the burden of an academic deadline. I threw myself into the position of public relations manager and social media coordinator for the transfer student club—a club on campus that was growing in popularity, but still needed a lot of work done. I was undeniably dedicated to my work and I put in never-ending hours of studying, writing, researching, and editing. I spent a lot of time meeting with professors, going to on-campus training events that would help me with programs and applications for different work fields, and immersing myself in the heart of academia. I became a student that lived and breathed education, and because of that, I had to relinquish my hold on certain platforms like this website and my Tumblr page. In the end, the sacrifices were worth it as I graduated with Summa Cum Laude and a jam-packed resume.

Now that I’m finished with my undergraduate degree, working full time at a decent job, and planning to attend graduate school in the fall of this year, my schedule still gives only a small window for other projects. It’s like one of those tiny rectangular windows that sit on the ground and lead to the basement—really small and hardly anything can fit through (unless you’re a mouse or a cockroach.) Even though I still don’t have much time on my hands, I’m not going to let that tiny window of opportunity go unused. As a millennial living in a world where job opportunities are so inconsistent; the opportunities exist, but there’s too many people fighting for the same ones. In a world that might be hit by a meteor in the next ten years (no seriously, theorists predict we will be hit by a catastrophic meteor), I don’t want to let that tiny window gather dust.

In the beginning of creating this blog, I wasn’t sure what it would be. I just wanted to share my thoughts. Now I’ve graduated college and have more steady footing, this blog will have more purpose and meaning to me. It will be more than just a blog of loose opinions; it will be an archive of writing that represents who I am as a writer, who I am as a person, and what I want to represent in this world.

This blog isn’t dead because it never really came to life before now. This blog is the beginning of my writing revolution.


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